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Vietnamese Residents Accused of $1.5M Crypto Theft and Kidnapping Face Justice

• 16 Vietnamese, including two former police officers, kidnap a person and steal $1.5 million in Bitcoin.
• The drama starts when Le Duc Nguyen advises Ho Ngoc Tai to invest in cryptocurrencies but the investment goes wrong.
• To retrieve his assets, Tai assembles a team who track Nguyen’s whereabouts and demand his brother transfer 1,000 BTC to their wallet.

Crypto Theft and Kidnapping

Two former police officers and 14 other Vietnamese allegedly kidnapped an individual and stole $1.5 worth of bitcoin. The People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City reportedly brought to court 16 Vietnamese who may be behind a $1.5 million crypto robbery and kidnapping.

The Story

The drama started in 2018 when Le Duc Nguyen advised Ho Ngoc Tai to sell around 1,000 BTC (valued at approximately $4.2 million at the time) to purchase other digital currencies. As the investment did not go as planned, Tai believed he had become a victim of a crypto scam and assembled a team in May 2020 whose goal was to steal the assets back. Consisting of 16 people (including two former police officers), they tracked Nguyen’s whereabouts using GPS devices installed on his vehicle; hired a van; bought realistic weapons; and kidnapped him at gunpoint. While in custody, the team demanded that Nguyen’s bother transfers the original amount of 1,000 BTC to Tai’s wallet but only managed to get away with 500 BTC ($1.5 million).


After months of investigation by local authorities into this incident, all 16 individuals were apprehended by police forces from different provinces across Vietnam for their involvement in this crime spree against cryptocurrency holders in the country. They are currently undergoing trial while being held under pre-trial detention during proceedings at Ho Chi Minh City People’s Court where they face charges ranging from kidnapping through extortion/blackmailing up until illegal possession of firearms or explosives with intent or due negligence leading towards potential harm or even death amongst fellow citizens which is considered one of the most serious offenses within Vietnamese Penal Code Act No 101/2015/QH13 (amended) violating Chapter 4 Articles 109–110–111-112 incurring severe penalties such as life imprisonment up until capital punishment depending on aggravating circumstances if applicable during particular cases such as this one here where very high amounts have been stolen along with other crimes committed as part of said theft case involving these defendants as perpetrators either directly or indirectly via accomplices also incriminated according to prosecutor statements given before judicial bench during trial date set for Thursday 13th 2021..

Crypto Adoption

Despite its rising popularity among investors worldwide, Vietnam does not have any legal framework governing cryptocurrency adoption yet despite its emerging status amongst global leaders for such asset class usage & trading activities over past few years .


The outcome of this case will remain unknown until final verdict is released after trial proceedings end later this week however it serves as an example both locally & abroad regarding necessity for regulation governing digital asset transactions aiming to protect users on both sides whether buyers/sellers involved & prevent potential future similar incidents from happening again either nationwide or worldwide since cryptocurrency trading market keeps expanding exponentially each day making it vulnerable target susceptible towards criminal activities if proper regulations aren’t established quickly enough alongside better enforcement mechanisms needed for those already implemented whenever necessary until awareness rises globally achieving consensus amongst world governments able enact laws protecting citizens involved such financial dealings preventing them becoming victims themselves just like what happened here ultimately resulting expensive loss suffered by victim & perpetrators alike so hopefully justice prevails bringing closure everyone affected either directly or indirectly .