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Can it display Track Numbers Please and then Sort By track Number so that when you create a a Play List of an Album It Plays In The Correct Track Order without having to move every track around to get them in track order

oddgravitySorry, no. More columns incl. track number are coming in the next major version.

Great tool, found no fault. But a possible enhancement?
I have both FLAC and MP3 libraries (one for hi-fi, one for iTunes/iPod). It would be nice to have settings savable and loadable so I can have one for each. Particularly "Saving playlist entries" - and maybe default save locations for each too?

This would make it 100% great rather than 99% ;)

Super! Kann ick jut jebrauchen! Macht, wat es soll!

John Draper
I have been looking for a programme like this for ages. I like to listen to talking books in my car or on my phone and this enables me to create a perfect playlist after burning them onto my PC using Windows Media Player. Thanks very much.

how do i download this and use this
oddgravityPlease don't use it if downloading it already gives you a headache! :)

Sorry to report but this software can only seem to generate playlist of up to about 10 files which is pretty pointless, using win 7 64bit, have tried run as administrator but still useless
oddgravitySomething must be wrong with your PC or your installation. A lot of users create playlists with 100s and 1000s of songs. There is no limit in the number of songs.

Just great!!! Thanks! Just donated :-)
oddgravityMany thanks for your donation! I really appreciate it!

Just startet using this. Looks good, but it refuses to add *.MP4 songs to a playlist. Is there a reason for that?
oddgravityJust go to "Settings > File Types" and add the required file types to the list of active file types.

Finally I found the perfect tool for creating playlists... small, easy, quick, flexible. Adding songs based on criteria (ie. MP3 tags) would make it perfect... and if I can help with a Dutch translation, just let me know.

Big Mons
I've been using the playlist creator for a while now, probably a couple of years, but I can't recall for sure. Regardless, I think it's simple and it does exactly what I need it to do. I use it to create playlists for my Windows 7 PC and my Android 4.4 device. I figured it was abandoned, but here we are in 2014 and you're responding to comments. It does what I need, so no worries. I just wanted to drop a comment to say thanks. BTW, that captcha is a b****.
oddgravityYes, the captcha sucks a lot but with other captchas all the spam still got through. :(

As Meteo, I have many mp3 files in Chinese Pynin like this: "Audio CN-DE VK0217 Zhìliàngyàoqiú.mp3" Is this maybe the reason, why some files are marked reds in the file list? Also an unicode support problem? Thx
oddgravityYes, that's very likely due to the missing Unicode support of the current version. Sorry!

Will you support filenames that have non-english characters? a large part of my music collection is in Japanese and they currently add as ???.mp3 etc which makes it unusable. Please fix this!
oddgravityUnicode support will be available in the next major version of Playlist Creator.

dude! im a struggling student so im low on money atm but as soon as i can spare some money im so gonna buy you a cheeseburger/beer! this makes creating playlists for school easy. thanx for all your hard work!

Simple and straight forward, nice work! With your donation system one feels a more inclined to pay for your work. So many people are looking for something for free now-a-days. This is well worth what ever one can afford. Thanks again!
oddgravityMany thanks for the kind words and your donation!

What a fabulous piece of software. I only recently discovered it, but it is awesome. One thing that would really be a delight is if PC could be launched using a right-click from within the folder where one would like to have the playlist created. Often I find myself in a folder containing an album's songs but lacking a playlist. If, on finding myself within such a folder, I could simply right-click somewhere within that folder and have the option of creating a playlist (using Playlist Creator, of course), that would make your program PERFECT. Any chance something like that could be added?
oddgravityThe feature will be available in the next major version of Playlist Creator. Thanks for your suggestion!