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Euler Finance Hacker Rejects $20M Offer, Mixes 1,000 ETH

• The perpetrator of the $200 million hack of the Euler Finance protocol apparently rejected the offer of $20 million by mixing 1,000 ETH in Tornado Cash.
• The hacker has obfuscated 1,000 ETH in Tornado Cash and has 1,500 ETH in the address used to carry out the attack.
• Euler Finance offered a deal to keep 10% of the stolen funds if they returned the rest, but was declined by the hacker.

Euler Finance Hack

On March 16th, a hacker successfully hacked into Euler Finance for nearly $200 million and instead of accepting a deal from Euler Finance which included keeping 10% of stolen funds, they instead mixed 1000 Ether (ETH) worth approximately $1.65 million through Tornado Cash.

Tornado Cash Mixing

In order to mix their Ethereum tokens, they broke them down into ten transactions sending 100 ETH each to an intermediate address as part of their efforts to obfuscate their stolen funds on-chain. The total amount mixed was 1,000 ETH with only 1,500 ETH left behind in the original address associated with this attack. This makes it significantly more difficult for Euler Finance or law enforcement agencies to track down who is responsible for this attack.

Rejection Of Offer

Euler Finance proposed that if 10% of the stolen funds were returned then no further action would be taken against them however this offer was declined by the hacker leading Euler finance offering a reward worth one million dollars for any information leading to their capture instead.

PeckShield Alert

Following this event PeckShield sent out an alert announcing that “@eulerfinance exploiter on the move ~1,000 $ETH into Tornado Cash through intermediary address” with details about what had happened being shared over Twitter soon after it occurred.


It appears that despite being offered $20M as well as not facing any repercussions if 10% of their stolen funds were returned back to EulerFinance ,the hacker decided to remain anonymous and hide their identity by mixing up their Ethereum tokens through Tornado cash resulting in difficulty tracing back who is responsible for this attack now .