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Dogecoin Surges 15%: Twitter Rebrand, Pepe Coin Price Slides, But Evil Pepe Raises $730K

• Dogecoin ($DOGE) saw a 15% price increase to hit the $0.077 level.
• The highly-anticipated Evil Pepe Coin presale hit the $730,000 mark.
• $PEPE witnessed an ongoing price decline leading to investor skepticism.

Dogecoin Price Uptick

Dogecoin ($DOGE) experienced a double-digit price increase in the past week, surging 15% to reach the $0.077 level. This continued its steady uptrend from mid-June when it was valued at just $0.058 and is being driven by renewed interest and hype within the community on social media platforms like Reddit’s r/Dogecoin subreddit. Dogecoin now boasts a market cap of 10.8 billion and some in the crypto community think it can continue even higher potentially hitting resistance around $0.083.

Evil Pepe Coin Presale Success

The highly-anticipated Evil Pepe Coin (EPC) presale was met with great success this week as it reached the impressive milestone of $730,000 raised from investors all over the world for its public sale scheduled for later this year. The EPC project aims to create an ecosystem where users can receive rewards for their content creation, making it easier than ever before to monetize digital artwork and more online art forms alike.

Pepe Coin Price Slide

On a less positive note, Pepe Coin ($PEPE) witnessed an ongoing price decline causing rising investor skepticism about its long-term potential despite having seen gains earlier in June when it first launched on exchanges after its ICO ended successfully back in April 2021 raising over 1 million USDT worth of investments for its development team.

Community Sentiment

The general sentiment among meme coin investors has been one of optimism with many expecting further growth from Dogecoin given its current momentum while others remain skeptical about Pepe Coin’s future due to its recent downward trend in prices despite having initially attracted strong investment during its ICO round earlier this year.


This week’s meme coin stories were dominated by the surge of Dogecoin as well as Evil Pepe Coin’s successful presale event but overall investors remain divided on which tokens will have lasting success due to their volatile nature and unpredictable market conditions which may lead them either way depending on external factors such as news or social media attention that come into play over time influencing prices significantly across these assets classes .