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Core Scientific Mines 1,435 BTC in December Despite Bankruptcy Protection

• Core Scientific mined 1,435 BTC in December, despite filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
• The same US-based firm produced 1,356 self-mined BTC in November and 795 bitcoin for colocation customers.
• The total hashrate of the company was 24.4 EH/s in December.

Core Scientific, one of the leading bitcoin mining companies, has reported a positive performance in December despite filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection at the end of the month. The firm managed to mine 1,435 BTC in December, with 1,356 BTC coming from self-mining and 795 from colocation customers.

The company also increased its self-mining hashrate from 15.4 EH/s to 15.7 EH/s over the course of the month. This was achieved by operating around 243,000 ASIC servers in November and 234,000 in December, leading to a total hashrate of 24.4 EH/s.

The mining performance of Core Scientific in December is indicative of the company’s commitment to its customers and the industry. Despite the challenging situation of the company, it has managed to remain operational and continue to provide services.

The firm’s success in December is further evidence of the potential of bitcoin mining as a lucrative business. It shows that, even in difficult times, bitcoin miners are able to generate profits and generate significant returns on their investments.

Looking ahead, Core Scientific is expected to continue its positive performance in the coming months. The company has already made significant investments in the mining industry and is well-positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand for bitcoin mining services.

The success of Core Scientific in December is also a testament to the resilience of the mining sector. Despite the challenging economic environment, miners are still able to generate profits and remain operational. This is a positive sign for the industry and for miners around the world.