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Canadian Phisher Steals $1M in Crypto and NFTs

• ZachXBT has exposed a Canadian scammer who stole over $1 million in crypto and NFTs through phishing attacks.
• The scammer set up fake Discord servers to impersonate an employee of the crypto media outlet Decrypt, tricking victims into submitting KYC information.
• ZachXBT is now sharing information with victims in order to take legal action against the culprit.

Canadian Phishing Scammer Exposed

Popular on-chain sleuth ZachXBT has unmasked a Canadian crypto scammer responsible for stealing millions of dollars in digital assets using sophisticated phishing attacks. The thief’s targets included the discord services for DeFi projects such as Orbiter Finance and Pika Protocol.

Impersonation and Confiscation

In a Twitter thread published on Monday, ZachXBT explained that the attacker, Soup (aka Dan) enacted his scam by impersonating Luke Hamlton – an employee for the crypto media outlet Decrypt. In collaboration with other scammers, Soup lured members of various crypto project teams into joining a fake Decrypt Discord server. He then tricked them into submitting KYC information as part of a fake application and interview process, only to later embed phishing attack in an “elaborate attempt to steal their Discord token.”

What Is A Discord Token?

A Discord token is an alphanumeric string acting as a unique authentication key which can be used to access user accounts without needing their password. By obtaining this token, Soup was able to gain access to users’ wallets along with their NFTs and confidential data related to various projects they were working on.

Victims Taking Legal Action

ZachXBT is now working with victims of the scam in order to take possible legal action against Soup. He has shared evidence gathered from his investigations which could help support any future claims against him or those involved in aiding his criminal activities.


This incident serves as yet another reminder of why it’s so important for people within the cryptocurrency industry to remain vigilant when dealing with new contacts online – especially when personal data is being requested or exchanged during transactions involving large sums of money.